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1Gig Fiber™*


Guaranteed rate for 12 months.

New customers switching from another Internet provider will receive the first month FREE.

New customers: Welcome to Cactus Internet! We are a local Internet Service Provider with local phone and onsite support. After submitting the form below, call 208-883-5500 between 9:00 AM and 5:30 PM Weekdays to set up an installation appointment. On weekends, if no one answers, leave a voice message (after 4 rings). We are very good at returning calls.

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 * 1Gig Fiber™ averages 960 Mbps with latency of less than 8 msec to Seattle. 

To improve your experience, we have direct connections to companies like Google, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime (and Amazon’s tens of thousands of websites on their servers) and more than 500 other networks peer with us at the Seattle Internet Exchange.  Cactus additionally peers with the content distribution networks, Cloudflare and Akamai, to provide fast access to over 200,000 additional major content providers. We also have transit reaching the entire Internet.

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